A generation old is a generation wise.

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Our grandparents are that common link between our history and our present.

As customary at our School each year on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the students observed Pratah Stuti with their grandparents, on 4th October, 2017. Pratah Stuti is a ceremony seeking to link the timeless lessons of the past with the missions of the present and the responsibilities of the future.

The programme began with the western music choir singing Gandhiji’s favourite hymn ‘Abide with me’. This was followed by the junior students role-playing some of India’s great sons and daughters. From President Abdul Kalam, to Tessy Thomas ( Missile Woman of India), Mother Teresa and Ravi Gulati ( social activist working for underprivileged children), the children spoke about the invaluable contribution of each to the motherland.

Music touches many hearts and the soulful singing especially that of our younger children particularly overwhelmed their grandparents.

Alas the harsh realities of Partition didn’t end in 1947, but continue to shape our mindsets even today. A dance drama performed by senior students depicted how this trauma persists even in the present. Sadat Hasan Manto’s rendition of Toba Tek Singh by students was an eye-opener. The stirring performance highlighted the idea of a united-yet-divided India, where we are still divided in our thoughts, ideologies and beliefs.

The play was followed by a video showcasing the efforts of the students to keep the surroundings clean under the Citizenship Programme. The restoration of the vandalised pillars of Moolchand flyover, by the students was remarkable. The grandparents expressed their pride at the extremely constructive way in which the children are involving themselves for the larger community. The students inspired everyone to lend a shoulder to the wheel, as it were, in the mission of Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan.

The programme came to a close with bhajans by the School Indian music choir. The elders joined in to sing along and clap as the solemn yet rhythmic Raghupati Ragahav Raja Ram joyously rang through the hall.

A popular Gujarati breakfast of jalebi- ganthia and masala chai was a perfect culmination for this family affair on a great occasion.

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