Adventure camp for classes 1 and 2

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A fun filled adventure camp was held on 24 March 2019 in the School premises for classes I and II. The group comprising 123 student and was as facilitated by a team of trained professionals. The camp exposed the young students to a world of fitness, challenge outdoor sport and team work. It was also an exercise of concentration and motor skills.

The exciting activities included the commando net, river crossing, parallel rope, climbing wall etc. The students in their tracksuits were led by their teachers onto the field. Just before the activities kicked off, the trainers gave the children an orientation about what they were to attempt and accomplish. They also explained how such activities are beneficial.

The activities that enthused the students the most, appeared to be the tug of war and river crossing. The little ones showed much zeal as they enthusiastically tugged at the rope. Their undiluted delight at overcoming their fears of crossing the ‘river’ was evident on their happy faces. Their eager steps confidently tread across the Burma Bridge too. The tired and hungry munchkins welcomed a snack break to recharge and rejuvenate their energies and spirits.

There were smiles galore at the successful conclusion of the adventure camp activities.

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