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After a huge amount of hard work the Triumph App Development Committee is up with its first educational app, Armstrong (1.0)- the first app developed entirely by the students of The Indian School on the app development platform Thunkable! Hurrah!

Members and History

The team members of Triumph are Arjun Pasricha, Yajush Vyas, Manan Taneja, Abhimanyu Singh Marwah, Aansh Gupta and our teacher, Alok sir.

The team created its first test-app in the month of December for Modern School’s App Development Competition. Yajush Vyas and Arjun Pasricha next decided to form a committee and create an app which students of other classes can take advantage of. They observed a certain common problem faced by students in matters of revision, exams, marks etc. They brainstormed and worked out the concept of an app which can be used by students to practice only few questions at a time and yet set ( and achieve) a tall target at the the end of the year. This would help to avoid the stress which students face during their final examinations.


The app has MCQ as well as theory based questions. In case a student is attempting the MCQ then he/ she will get their scores on the spot at the end of the test. If a student is attempting a theory based question then he is expected to do on a piece of paper/notebook/white board/black board in neat handwriting and click the photos of the answer using the app. The developers have provided a feature of clicking the pictures of theory-based answers, which directly transfers to the cloud server of Triumph Committee.

App Developer’s Side

The corrections will be made and a notification containing the marks scored in the theory based solution will be sent to the mobile phone. The committee will also release a report card and the analysis data of the student at the end of each month. The data will also provide detailed information of the student’s weak areas.

Syllabus and Academics

The app covers the syllabi of the following subjects-Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics and Maths. A set of 5-7 questions will be uploaded everyday including assignments provided by the teachers.
In case a user is not using the app with an active ID, a notification will be sent after every 24 hours.

Details and Feedback

In case students face a problem they can directly contact the developers of the app either at School or by an email to


A regular user of the app will be solving approximately (minimum) 1200-1500 questions in his/her entire semester. The team is working hard on its updates.

Play Store

The app is available on Google Play Store by the name Armstrong . “Armstrong” or “Triumph App Development” are keywords that can be used to search the app. The app is free of cost.

App Developers-TRIUMPH

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