An Inter-House Hindi Recitation Competition, Literary Week, classes 6-8

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An Inter-House Hindi Recitation Competition, Literary Week, classes 6-8

Recitation invests in vocabulary, articulation, expression and communication. It enables the student to more effortlessly exploit inner talents and in the bargain constructs confidence. Besides helping acquire an abiding interest in literature which would offer companionship for a lifetime.

An inter-house Hindi Recitation competition was held in the school auditorium on 26 April,2012 as a part of the literary week for classes 6, 7 and 8.  Each house offered 3 participants namely, Gauri Bassi, Isha Kanojia and Sakshi Lohia of CHANDRA HOUSE; Nitya Soni, Bhumika Narang and Ayushi Mittal of SURYA HOUSE; Navya Singh, Priyanka Arora and Harshita Babbar of INDRA HOUSE and Shivangini, Rhythm Narang and Himanshi Saini of VARUN HOUSE. The criteria for the contest were choice of poem, it’s presentation and pronunciation and how well it is learnt. Principal ma’am, Vice-Principal ma’am and Ms. Sunita Singh were our able judges on the occasion.

There was a wide range of poems by well-known poets. Rhythm Narang, 7C chose ‘Aazadi’ by Rajesh Chauhan; Gauri Bassi, 6D recited ‘Jab Yaad Tumhaari  Aati Hai’ by Ram Naresh Tripathi; Nitya Soni, 6E ‘Surya Uday’ by Shanta Snehi; Shivangini, 6E‘Prakriti’ by Ravi Prakash  Kesari; Sakshi Lohia, 8A ‘Itne Unche Utho Ki Jitna Utha Gagan Hai’ by Sohanlal Dwivedi; Aayushi Mittal 8C ‘Apni Gandh Nahi Bechunga’ by Bal Kavi Bairagi; Himanshi Saini, 8B ‘Jo Beet So Baat Gayi’ by Harivansh Rai Bachchan; Isha Kanojia, 7D ‘Mera Pranam’ (Unknown author); Bhumika Narang 7B ‘Desh Prem’ (Unknown author); Priyanka  Arora 7C‘Jisne Marna Seekh Liya Hai’ (Unknown author); Navya Singh, 6E ‘Hamari Dharti’ (Unknown author ); Harshita Babbar, 8A ‘Himmat Ki Kabhi Haar Nai Hoti’ (Unknown author). The contestants were well-rehearsed and involved, as it were with the thought and sentiments that their verse was composed of and applied themselves to delivering the same with a special compassion. Poise naturally followed the poignance of their effort.

The judges struggled to make choices for best etc but since protocol persuaded, the results announced were:

Ist position: Isha Kanojia of Chandra House;

IInd position: Rhythm Narang of Varun House;

IIIrd position: Navya Singh of Indra House.

Congratulating the winners, the judges emphasising the need to preserve healthy competition, even as they sought to ‘do or die’ for honours for their houses!

As reported by Ms. Gandharvi Mukherjee, teacher.

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