Annual adventure camp at School ECO Park for classes 3 to 8

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School organised an adventure camp for classes III to VIII at the School Eco Adventure Park on 26 and 27 March, 2019. The two day camp was facilitated by a team of highly trained professionals. 169 children of classes III to V attended the camp on 26 March and 123 students of classes VI to VIII attended on 27 March.

We set off on our adventure in 3 comfortable buses. The journey was joyful and the children were excited to head out of the bustle of the city. The farm landscape was soon visible as the city skyline was left behind. Soon the buildings diminished to gradually yield to farm dwellings- kutcha mud and husk huts. People appeared more peaceful, in fact their pace was distinctly different from that of city dwellers. They were dressed in traditional attire too.

We passed small bazars at crossroads, village schools and rows of small shops and kiosks selling items of daily need. The children observed the differences and continuously plodded the teachers to explain.

As we reached our destination, the soft breeze, the fresh scent of foliage and the bracing weather was a great energiser! We loved the instant magical connect we had already made with the place!

Multiple activities were lined up for the children to make for a fun filled learning experience. The enthusiastic children, dressed in their track suits were ready and raring to go! They were quickly divided into groups of 20. Each group was accompanied by two teachers.

The children attempted adventure activities like artificial river crossing, commando net, commando crawl, tyre climbing etc. The objective of the adventure camp was to teach the children to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and try something different. The numerous activities are designed to help children discover their hidden talents and sharpen their motor skills.

In the artificial river crossing, the children were taught to shed fear. The Burma Bridge and Commando Net taught them to balance their body weights whereas manoeuvring through a tunnel like a soldier gave them immense pleasure and made them feel triumphant.

The farms have many endearing farm animals and birds like the rooster, geese and rabbits. The children thoroughly enjoyed petting some of these. They walked around and learnt names of some of the newly planted tree saplings.

After an exhaustive stint with sport, the hearty hot lunch provided gave the the required energy to go back and attempt a few more activities.

As they say, good times must come to an end and so did our day. We picked some fresh vegetables and sat in the buses to leave for School. The children and the teachers enjoyed the day. The camp was a doze of energy, enthusiasm and experiential learning.

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