Annual Exhibition 2018

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The Annual Exhibition was held on 13 October 2018. As per tradition, students of classes VI to XII set up spectacular exhibits to capture the essence and significance of science, mathematics, languages and the social sciences in our daily lives.

The exhibition provided an ideal forum to the students to showcase their summer vacation projects. This year, the exhibits were an eclectic mix of two key themes – ‘States along the east coast of India’ and ‘Science 24×7’.

The gracious presence of Chairman, Mr. Prafull Goradia, Director Mr. Lal Raisinghani and Ms. Madhavi Divan, member of the Governing Board, brought much vigour and verve amongst the students. The honourable guests appreciated the effort put in by the students to make the exhibition a grand success.

The 6th edition of the annual science magazine- “Science Musings by an Indianite” was also released on the occasion. This in-house publication provides curious minds with an opportunity to further their scientific temper and the spirit of inquiry.

The School wore a festive look as various departments beckoned parents and students alike to come and visit their presentations.

The science segment of the exhibition was a palpable display of excitement, exuberance and synergy as volunteers vied with one another to make their intricate creation and experimentation more accessible and fathomable to the interested visitors.

The airshow fascinated all with its fine display of drones and a wire controlled toe line glider in the backfield. Eco-friendly vehicles like the solar cart and hoverboard promoting the use of solar panels and various electronic components were captivating, as well.

Exhibits on essential oils, bacteria, “Scutoid” – the new geometrical shape found in our bodies, snoring, a comparison of popular oils used in Indian cooking, body puzzles, etc, were both informative and instructive.

Equally enthralling was the journey through chemistry concepts that encompass our lives at large. From Kitchen Chemistry to Industrial to the conversion of plastic to oil, corrosion of metals, glowing water ( used in forensic science) and the Chemistree ( laboratory apparatus), each display was remarkable.

The computer whiz kids of the App Development Committee proudly showed their first ever creation – “Armstrong (V-1.0)”. This app was launched in June 2018 on Google Play Store. It is for class 11 students and aims at enabling them to practice five to eight questions daily in order to achieve a target of 1500-1800 questions by the end of the year. The app has a smart notification and an auto-update feature.

The second exciting display an Artificial Intelligence Robot, by the computer department attracted and impressed many. Created by members of Triumph, the robot took five months to design and code up. It is programmed with Alexa and is able to answer questions.

To keep the spirit of math alive, there were quite a few interesting exhibits on several mathematical concepts and their role in easing real-life complex situations in simple and effective ways.

The social science department offered a visual treat of delicately crafted and carved models of architecturally famous temples and monuments along the east coast of India. The miniature replicas of the majestic Brihadeshvara temple, the famous Jagannath temple, the Konark Sun temple, Howrah Bridge, the Char Minar and Firoz Minar were a sight to behold. Kaleidoscopic wall hangings and lanterns featured the political, cultural and economic lives of the people of the states on the eastern coast of India.

The interactive stand put up by the students of sociology helped dispel various stereotypes and superstitions. Their display on the various research methodologies in sociological research was like a breath of fresh air.

As always, the psychology displays attracted many a weary soul to find salvation from the rigours of daily living! This year, the activities: ‘connect the dots’ and ‘pass the coin’ focused on the need for resilience to overcome adversities. The volunteers handed out souvenirs with “Think Resilient” written on them.

Last but not the least, the languages’ department- English, Hindi, Sanskrit and French, put up a creative blend of poetic ability, oratory, artistic and written expression as evidenced through an array of journals, class newspapers, travel brochures, colourful book reviews and jackets, recitation of famous poems and speeches, etc. However, the piece de resistance was the scrabble corner with its allure of word formation!

The exhibition was a surreal and edifying experience, forever etched in the visitors’ minds.

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