Annual Technical Festival at IIT Delhi

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On 2 March 2019, Darsh Kumar and Shrey Gogia of class 11A were accompanied by Ms. Simranjeet Kaur to IIT, Delhi, for the annual technical fest named, TRYST ’19.

The students participated in the ‘Technovations’ category. The topic for the event was Technology: Past, present and future’. After clearing the first round of Abstract Writing our School was shortlisted among the top 70 schools of the country. Selected students were asked to prepare a presentation on technological innovations or developments that they expect would benefit society at large and draw comparisons with how it will be an advancement from the past and the present.

The students of our school came up with an application that would provide instant domestic services to urban households. They presented their idea of a multilingual voice recognition and response system that would help the illiterate and poor to avail more job opportunities- thus, enhancing their quality of life, which would further lead to a growth in the GDP and per capita income of the nation.

The working of the system and its impact on society was demonstrated through a flowchart and a video. Students explained that the benefits of the software were not limited to generating employment and supplementing the incomes of workers but also sought to bridge the socio-economic gap between consumers and workers.

The idea was well received by the judges and they encouraged the students to turn the project into a reality.

The event also included various intriguing presentations of schools from across the country.

All in all, it was a very enriching experience for all participants as they learned from each other’s presentations and discussed their viewpoints after the event concluded.

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