BASANT PANCHAMI celebrations in Pre School

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Basant Panchami marks the advent of Spring and is the occasion to worship is Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom.

Abuzz with a festive spirit the Pre-Schoolers hosted a special assembly. The celebration commenced with an invocation to Devi Saraswati, the Saraswati Vandana sung by by Surabhi Sarkar, Purvik Verma, Aarush Sandurea, Atharv Ajnav and Tathagat Gola.

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom and Mother Earth seems to be renewing herself. The young ones presented themselves as blooming flowers and spoke a few lines about the flower they represented. Anya Oberoi and Ritwik Chakraborty of PS Kokab were dressed as the Palash and the Marigold. Aashirya Verma and Godwin of PS Capella represented the Sunflower and the Hibiscus whereas Prapti Shukla of PS Delphini was dressed as a beautiful rose. Reyansh Taneja of PS Hercule was seen as the Lotus whereas Shivangi Raizada and Haanvika Gautam of PS Agena were the Tulip and Jasmine respectively.

Advika and Priyal welcomed the season with a dance to the song ‘Ring in the Spring’. Yatharth Gupta and Meghna danced gracefully to the song, “Aaya Basant’.

The assembly concluded with an inspirational message by Kashvi who said, ‘Flowers are a gift of nature and look more beautiful when they are not plucked. We should protect them and let them bloom’, she said. She also presented a dance to the song ‘Prem se humko jeene do’.

The teachers narrated a story relating to different flowers. The children were asked to draw, name and present their favourite flower to a classmate. It was wonderful to listen to the endearing messages which were read aloud for the class as the flowers were presented.

Kovid from PS Kokab presented a Sunflower to Mankirat and spoke a few lines about it. He wished luck and joy. In PS Capella, Aavya presented a Lavender flower to Aayansh and she informed that it is a source of Vitamin A. Mitansh of PS Delphini presented a Marigold to Myra and wished that Myra bloomed with happiness just like the flower. Tashvika Grover of PS Hercule presented a Hibiscus to Gurkirat Kaur and wished her all the happiness in the world. From PS Agena, Shivangi presented a Marigold to Sarthak with the message that the colour yellow symbolises friendship and positive energy. She also wished him joy and happiness.

Yellow marks the colour of Basant Panchami. As a part of class activity, our young chefs were seen making yellow-tinged coconut laddoos for their families with simple ingredients available at home.

The children enjoyed the day thoroughly.

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