CBSE teacher workshop on Classroom Management

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A two-day CBSE workshop on ‘Classroom Management’ was organised at our School on 27 and 28 June, 2019. It was conducted by resource persons, Ms Kalpana Kapoor and Ms Deepa Dogra who enlightened the teachers with tips on effective classroom management.

The workshop focused on the elements of classroom management which include – content management, conduct management and covenant management.

Some innovative practices were discussed keeping the following parameters in mind:

1. Physical Arrangement: This emphasised the need to form small groups and work on the seating arrangement so that each student can be given attention and encouragement.

2. Seeking Attention: When required to ‘grab’ the attention of students, one can ring a bell, blow a whistle, wave a puppet, clap, sing out a rhyme etc. These work much better than shouting and scaring the child.

3. Tone: Modulation of the teacher’s tone of voice is very important. A perfect balance should be maintained to not scare the child even whilst keeping him/ her engaged in the discussion.

4. Transition or Changing Activities: A reverse counting from 10 to 1 will make the children understand the importance of time and of completing assigned tasks on time.

5. Rules and routine: A schedule of class /ground rules should be worked out for a fair distribution of work for the students.

6. Morning Rituals: Inculcating good habits of starting every new day or a project with some exercises can be of great help.

7. Afternoon Dismissals: It’s always important to end every session in a disciplined manner and to end the day with a prayer. Children should learn to maintain discipline by moving out as per the dispersal plan and leave the classroom in an organised manner.

8. Answering Techniques: Children should learn to speak at the right time. It is important to teach the children to seek permission by raising their hands before speaking.

Other tips that were discussed were:

u Speak calmly while addressing the class.

u Maintain a balanced relationship with the students and the parents.

u Strategies for coping with student behaviour.

u Elements of a proactive teacher.

u Teaching Styles

u Consequences and rewards.

Ms. Kapoor then highlighted the importance of management. She laid stress on innovative methods of teaching that are available at hand and insisted that teachers must use them. The responsibilities and duties of teachers must be parallel with the needs and the creative minds of the children. Teachers also have the added responsibility of understanding the ever-growing and animated mind of a child.

There was emphasis on addressing the concerns of students and reducing stress by substituting punishments with consequences.

The workshop was an interactive one which helped the teachers devise innovative strategies which can be applied in real classroom situations.

Ms Neha Sachdeva

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