CBSE teacher workshop on Digital Essentials

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CBSE conducted a workshop on ‘Digital Essentials’ as an initiative to empower teachers through a capacity building programme.The workshop was held at Ahlcon Public School, Mayur Vihar on 27 and 28 February 2019. Around 14 teachers from various schools of Delhi attended this workshop. Ms. Sarah Khanna and Ms. Darshana Srivastava of our School were selected to attend this programme. The resource person from CBSE was Ms. Divya Jyoti ( PGT Computer Science, DAV Public School, Mausam Vihar).

Day 1 started with different activities for which soft copies were provided beforehand. The session commenced with a brief introduction and discussion on exploring Microsoft Office 2010. It is a package which contains various application softwares like MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. MS word is a word processing software which serves the purpose of allowing its users to type and save documents whereas MS Powerpoint is a software which is commonly used for creating presentations through the use of multimedia.

This was followed by a break and activities where teams were challenged to perform various activities such as:

1. Drafting questions for a short quiz using Kahoot. is a site which helps in preparing online quiz.
2. Designing a word cloud using

The second day began with an emphasis on MS Excel. The software helps in saving time in cases where the same set of tasks are to be done repeatedly like formatting or applying similar formula in a similar range of data.
We also learned several other tools such as, converting notepad files into excel sheets, mobile pictures into soft copies, managing and organising our mails by creating labels and how to use screen video and recorders.

The workshop was enriching and showed us various tools and techniques which will further help in making our teaching innovative and will encourage learning among students.

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