CBSE teacher workshop on Remodelled Assessments for class X

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The CBSE organised a one-day Capacity Building Programme on remodelled assessment for class X at the Mount Abu Public School, Rohini, on 3rd October, 2017. This was conducted by Dr. Pragya Singh and Dr Shweta Singh, both joint directors of CBSE’s Centre for Excellence. Close to 65 schools from Delhi were represented at the programme.

Our Dr. Anu Singh and Ms. Ekta Chitkara attended the session. The participants were divided into groups based on their specialisations in the different subjects.

The session began with an interesting ice-breaking activity, in which a representative from each group was asked to introduce his/ her group members, highlighting the common characteristics among them.

The workshop was then carried forward by both educators who discussed the remodelled assessment for class X with focus on the periodic tests, subject enrichment and notebook submissions, which would now make for 20% of the marks in the annual examination. The remaining 80 % are to be based on the annual examination to be conducted by the Board. They also shared their thoughts on how to judge students carefully on co-scholastic parameters. Many doubts relating to the frequency and marking of the periodic tests were clarified in the course of the session.

The workshop was made even more interesting with activities incorporated as exercises to convey various concepts. In the end, the speakers discussed the sample papers released by the Board and the Performa for the report card for the session 2017-18.

The workshop was an interactive one which will greatly assist teachers assess students and will help devise innovative strategies which can be applied in real classroom situations.

Overall, the session was an excellent refresher for the teachers.

Dr. Anu Singh and Ms. Ekta Chitkara.

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