CBSE teacher workshop- Remodelled Structure of Assessment

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The CBSE conducted a one-day Capacity Building Programme at The Indian School on 15 November 2018. The topic for the workshop was- ‘Remodelled Structure of Assessment’ and the resource persons from the CBSE were Ms. Pratishtha Gupta and Ms. Sumana Goswami.

There were 46 educators from schools across Delhi-NCR, in attendance, at the session. The participants included 10 teachers from the our School.

The workshop focused on the recent changes in the assessment structure, challenges faced in the teaching-learning process, methods of evaluation, question paper pattern and evidences of assessment.

The participants were divided into groups based on the subjects they teach. The session began with an interesting ice-breaking activity, in which a representative of each group was asked to present the expectations of his/ her group from the workshop. Each of the group members then introduced themselves to the others.

The workshop was carried forward by the speakers, who discussed the remodelled assessment structure for class X, with focus on periodic tests, subject enrichment and notebook submissions. These would now make for 20% of the marks in the annual examination. The remaining 80 % are to be based on the annual examination to be conducted by the Board.

Participating teachers were acquainted with the different parts of internal assessments, syllabus pattern for examination and preparation of a balanced question paper. CBSE circulars on the new assessment pattern were explained in detail to the teachers. Handouts on periodic tests, preparation of question paper, notebooks, case study, preparing rubrics, subject enrichment activity and work education were distributed amongst all the groups. The handouts gave clarity on ways to conduct periodic tests, assess submission of notebooks and subject enrichment activities.

The teachers then prepared a blueprint of a periodic test along with its marking scheme. Special emphasis was laid on including ‘higher order thinking skills’ questions. The evaluation of co-scholastic areas was also discussed and the teachers were guided on the ways to grade art education, health education and work education. It was informed that it would be the responsibility of the class teacher to award the grade for discipline to students. The speakers also discussed the sample papers released by the Board and the pro forma for the report card, for the session 2018-19.

The trainers successfully transformed the workshop into a highly interactive session. Many doubts relating to the frequency and marking of the periodic tests were clarified in the course of the session.

Teachers engaged in active discussion with the resource persons and shared their experiences. Discussions on how teachers could implement new methods of teaching to enhance the academic growth of students, were also held. The session was made even more interesting with activities incorporated as exercises to convey clarity on various concepts.

Teachers enjoyed the workshop as the lively manner in which the activities were conducted, kept them energised.

Ms. Gandharvi Mukherjee

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