CBSE workshop on PSE ( Personal Safety Education) and CSE (Child Sexual Abuse)

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On 27 and 28 September 2018, a two-day workshop was held for teachers by the ‘CBSE – Centre for Excellence’ at the CBSE office. Ms. Subhanghi Shinde and Ms. Neha Sharma were the key speakers from an NGO named “ARPAN” located at Mumbai.

Many reputed schools of Delhi participated in the workshop. Our Ms. Chanda Sharma and Ms. Deepali Gupta, members of the Safety Committee at our School, attended this workshop.

The two day workshop was divided into various sessions. On the first day, discussions were held on topics like understanding Child Sexual Abuse, its types, facts and myths related to it and reasons why children find it difficult to report such incidents. Finally, the impact of the abuse on the child followed by early visible detectors of child sexual abuse were explained to the participants.

On the second day, discussions were held on POCSO ( Protection Of Child from Sexual Offences), major components and laws applicable to Child Sexual Abuse, salient features and major offences covered by the Act. The teachers were made aware of the role of Child Welfare Committees under the POCSO Act.

This was followed a discussion of the aims and features of the Personal Safety Education Programme. Teachers were told how to conduct this programme in the classroom with the help of a personal safety kit designed by “ARPAN”.

At the end of the training mock lessons were demonstrated by the participants to reinforce topics covered in the workshop.

Overall, the workshop was very interesting and was an enriching experience for all

Mrs. Chanda Sharma

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