Citizenship Programme collection drive for Palna

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To help train the specially-abled children at Palna with simple skills, we are collecting ONLY the following items. Please DON’T buy these items —only recyclable items that are lying unused at home. These may be sent to the class teacher by Fri, 12 July 2019.

  1. 1.Sturdy empty shoe boxes in small sizes.
  2. 2. Any type and colour of sequins/ beads, shells/ pearls which can be used for art and craft.
  3. 3. Any colour of full sheets of thick chart paper.
  4. 4. Any colour of Fevicryl paint or poster colours / brushes.
  5. 5. Any size and shape of very small glasses or jars ( not plastic).
  6. 6. The small cardboard roll you find inside a tissue roll or kitchen paper roll.
  7. 7. Glass or metal bangles – any size, any colour.
  8. 8. CDs

The Citizenship Programme

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