Citizenship Programme initiative- LSR Dramatics’ Society presents a nukkad natak

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On Saturday, 3rd February 2018, students of classes 8 and 9 watched a stirring performance by 24 students of Lady Sriram College on a subject that has drawn a lot of attention recently – body shaming.

The skit was enacted with meaningful lyrics, catchy music, powerful narration and energetic dances. It told the story of a carefree girl next door. As usual she dresses for work everyday in a casual way, she loves just being herself.

Alas, the protagonist becomes a victim of repeated eve teasing and thus feels compelled to alter her appearance and personality. Soon she begins to hate herself for doing so. Here, the script brings in a value lesson- how we are quick to judge those around based on appearance and (gender based) preconceived notions.

Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are rising among todays’ generation from peer pressures for a size zero figure. Matrimonial columns name height/skin colour and salary scales which also places pressure to conform. Popular advertisements of fairness creams and weight loss diets were also incorporated in the enactment subtly way to show children that they should not get carried away, instead learn to accept themselves for what they are.

During the skit, we could spot many moist eyes among the students. Some of the depictions were so realistic that perhaps the children easily related to what was shown.

At the end of the skit, Citizenship Coordinator, Ms. Sangeeta Aswani thanked the Society for such a stirring performance. During this interactive session that follower, 2 students stood up together and apologised to their friend seated nearby for unintentionally teasing him for his not-so-fair skin. It was a very emotional moment as the 3 friends embraced in remorse and forgiveness, all packed in affection! The audience broke into a loud applause to cheer them.

The LSR Dramatics Society promised to dramatise other such matters of common concern and invite us for a viewing. This was a truly impactful event hosted by The Citizenship Programme of The Indian School!

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