Citizenship Programme presents nukkad natak and shramdaan products to STMICROELECTRONICS.

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Upon the kind suggestion of Ms. Lipakshi Malhotra, we were invited to STMicroelectronics at Knowledge Park, Greater Noida on 19 October, 2015. The idea was to present our nukkad natak on cleanliness by the junior team, promote our shramdaan products and talk about our Citizenship Programme.
The junior nukkad natak team comprised of the following students of classes 4/5 :-

Kritida Aggarwal, Adamya Saxena, Sneha Singh, Ibrahim Ali, Pratush Tewathia, Nakul Chaddha & Ridit Anand. Ms. Sangeeta Aswani, Tara Sir and Shubham Airi ( class XI) coordinated the outing and we set out at 9 am for Greater Noida. It was a 90 minute drive and we reached the venue at 10.30 am. The security at STMicroelectronics was extremely impressive and we were greeted by Ms. Manisha ( HR Department) and Ms Lipakshi. Malhotra. We were warmly welcomed and the children were treated to a light snack and drinks after which we set up our stall in the canteen. Around 12.30 pm, the canteen was packed, and the nukkad natak team set off to start their show. All the children, dressed in their immaculate white kurta pyjamas, started off with their show amidst great encouragement. The first show ended with a huge round of applause and appreciation from the staff as they were highly motivated and impressed with the performances of such little children. The children went on to perform the natak three times, at various places of the huge canteen! Many of the staff came up to the children to congratulate them.
Thereafter, the children went on to display their marketing skills and promote our diyas, candles, gel candles, tea lights and soaps. Many of the employees congratulated Ms. Aswani on the marketing techniques of these 9 year olds and said they could learn a thing or two from them! We had a good sale at the stall, thanks to the generous and encouraging staff of the company and shut shop around 3 pm to head back to School. The children were still full of energy on the way back after a hard day’s work and indulged in great conversation about their experience.
We thank STMicroelectronics for this wonderful opportunity and their warm hospitality and look forward to visiting them again when our new natak is ready.
Ms. Sangeeta Aswani.

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