Class 12 ( Biology) visit the Department of Biotechnology at JNU.

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Thirteen students of class XII (Biology) visited the Biotechnology department of Jawaharlal Nehru University on 5th May, 2017. They were accompanied by their Biology teacher, Ms. Namrata Jit Kaur.

The students were first explained the relevance of biotechnology in an interactive session with Dr. Ranjana Arya, Assistant Professor. She discussed the latest research at
JNU for the possible cause of GNE Myopathy, a rare neuromuscular disorder. We were told that this disorder entails a lack of sialic acid in the body, which triggers effects which, in turn gradually causes the person to lose muscular control.

The students were shown around a lab and were acquainted with the various instruments and devices present there. They were also shown and explained, the various techniques used in recombinant DNA Technology such as gel electrophoresis and PAGE. Some students were even taught to load the sample in the walls of gel electrophoresis, for a hands’-on experience.
The students saw the Polymarase chain reaction. They were oriented about downstream processing, which is an important process for the separation, purification and formulation of a product, for becoming eligible as a final biotech- based product.

The students had an extremely enriching experience. They not only assimilated new information and knowledge but also had a glimpse into the world of research.

Class XII, Biology.

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