Class 12 Farewell Ceremony 2018-19

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On 24 December 2018, students of classes 11 and 12 along with their teachers, gathered in the School auditorium to bid each other farewell.

The eventful Farewell Ceremony saw brilliantly aesthetic and lively performances by the
students of class 11. It was a heartwarming blend of music, dance and dramatics assembled with weeks of toil that yielded a breathtaking display of talent and passion on the stage! Each performance nudged the graduating students reflect on their journeys in school from Nursery to class 12. A special mention needs to be made of the theatrical act put up by the juniors on School life and its various highs and lows.

The hall roared with applause as specially composer titles were presented to the students. Each title was chosen to suit the individual dynamic personalities!

Following the performances, it was time for our Principal to announce the Style Icons and Mr. and Ms. Indianite. Gitansh Satija and Sirjan Kaur were pronounced the Style Icons for the day while Arjun Mehra and Avantika Chodha were declared Mr. Indianite and Ms. Indianite respectively.

Nostalgic speeches by several class XII students-Akshat Sharma, Mallika Mukim, Tanmaye Kohli, Utkarsh Pandey, Onkar Mehra and Aditya Verma tugged at the heartstrings of teachers and students alike. The blissful memories strung together as pearls in a string through the performances and sealed in a promise of lifelong friendships, left lumps in many a throat and a runny film to the eyes. The batch was physically together as a whole for possibly one last time.

Shrey Gogia XII-A

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