Class 12 graduation, batch 2017-18

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Those little hands that apprehensively left their mother’s folds to step into ‘ big school’ for the first time now stood as confident young adults ready to step out into the world of ‘real life’ outside!

Graduation ceremonies are always a moment of pride for School but also a solemn reminder that we will no longer see our beloved faces of the batch at School every morning!

The Indian School bid farewell to the outgoing batch of 2017-18 at a resplendent graduation ceremony on 24th January, 2018. Parents, teachers and students assembled in anticipation and joy, albeit lined with the imminent pangs of parting.

The evening commenced with a grand procession of all the teachers from nursery to class 12, led the Principal, each carrying a little diya walking up to the front through the central aisle, to place it on a stand which stretched across the feet of the stage. Soon the room was aglow with a quiet yet steadfast multitude of soft wax flames.

This was followed by Ms. Tania Joshi addressing the gathering. She wished the students well-being-spiritual, emotional and physical and a robust capacity to always cope and thrive. She encouraged the children to enjoy life to the fullest. Mrs. Joshi also shared a heartwarming message sent by Mr. and Mrs. Goradia on the occasion.

An invocation dance by a group of students sought the blessings of Lord Ganesha on the occasion. This was followed by the presentation of citations to the class XII students by their class teachers.

3 students from each subject stream spoke by turn, to vividly relive the precious journey of 14 years that made them the people they are. They reminisced in great endearment about their beloved teachers, lifelong pals and the innumerable escapades that are unforgettable. The speakers were Manayank Khatri (Commerce), Simran Narula( ( Humanities ) and Bhumika Narang (Science).

A mother from each section of the class too, addressed the gathering, to share the pride and the longing that she carries, and will always do, of the journey culminating. Ms. Bharti Arora ( mother of Shubhangi Arora), Ms. Ritu Sodhi ( mother of Nikhil Sodhi) and Ms. Sangita Banerjee ( mother of Vatsala Banerjee) expressed their great gratitude for all the memorable years of love, support and care that their children received.

The programme concluded with the teachers lighting individual lamps lovingly placed in the palm of every graduating student. It was their heartfelt handing over of the prize light of knowledge and wisdom to the children, to aways light up the world as they step outside. It was a deeply poignant moment as the children stood once more to attention, to sing together, the beloved School Song as a batch, for the last time. Every eye fell moist even though the heads help up in perfect poise.

Tea and refreshments on the front lawn accompanied by the releasing gaily coloured balloons quickly lent flight to the mood as all eyes turned skywards in thanksgiving, joy and new aspiration.

Ms. Arunika Payal and Ms. Tinni Choudhary

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