Class 3B Skype classroom with peers in Vietnam

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A Skype classroom enables teachers to invite the world into the teaching process to make it more interesting and invigorating. Teachers at our School don’t miss any opportunity to give their students such opportunities to help shape them into competent global citizens.

The students of class III B along with their class teacher Ms Taniya Sutradhar video conferenced Ms Yen Nguyen and her students in Cam Ranh, Vietnam on 22 August 2019 at 7:35 am. Ms Yen is a teacher of English.

The topic ‘cuisines’ was an apt choice for the interface as both India and Vietnam are famous for their gastronomic delights!
The students of both countries were pleased to make acquaintance and eagerly engaged in an active exchange of information on different foods available in their countries.

The third graders informed their Vietnamese counterparts that food is an integral part of Indian culture, as different festivals and pujas have a range of delectable dishes associated with them.

Ms Sutradhar divided the class into four groups for the presentation on foods of the  different regions – North, South, East and West. Each group showed tempting images of mouthwatering dishes and their recipes. All group members got an equal opportunity to speak during the session as each had to deliver five lines on a given topic.

The first group comprising of eight students-Adrika Chowdhury, Delisha Batra, Latika Arya, Ishan Santosh Kumar Bhatted, Rudra Grover, Aarna Aggarwal, Pranshi Walia and Priyanshu Modak spoke on the popular chole bhature, butter chicken, dal bati churma, kadhai paneer, rajma chawal, dal makhani, chaat and carrot halwa. A staple diet of all food lovers in the north! The list included both sweet and savoury items.

The second group of seven members-Hrehaan Mothadaka, Japant Singh Sethi, Hervie Jain, Jeevika Cain, Ananya Garg, Advik Shukla and Aarna Aggarwal spoke eloquently on south Indian cuisine like the dosa, idli, vada, uttapam, appam, Hyderabadi biryani and Malabar parotta. The food of the Gods-royal and regal!

The third group had six students-Iddhiya Chatterji, Maanvik Bhardwaj, Devansh Chandila, Ammar Faisal and Siddharth Deb, share a presentation on the famous cuisine of eastern India like the Machcher jhol, momos, litti chokha, rasagolla, dalma and Assamese fish curry. A paradise for dishes prepared with freshwater fish.

The last group consisted of five students- Liba Haidar, Mairaa Luthra, Diya Saluja, Chirag Kumar and Ayam Mondal who came forward to speak on foods from western India like pao bhaji, dhokla, vada pav, Bombay duck and khandvi which enjoy a pan Indian presence.

After the presentations by the Indianites, it was the turn of the Vietnamese students to talk about their cuisine. Street food is the heart and the soul Vietnam they said. Colourful pictures brought alive several exotic dishes enjoyed there- the Goi Cuon, ( translucent spring rolls), Banh mi (sandwich filled with greens and pork or beef), Banh xeo ( pancakes with shrimp, pork, bean sprouts and eggs), Pho, ( slurpy noodles with salty broth and noodles), Cao Lau, ( pork noodle dish), etc.

In response to the students’ query on whether these foods were healthy, they were informed  that Vietnamese food is simple and uncomplicated, fit for all taste buds. The session was very informative and an enriching experience for our students who enjoyed the role of young ambassadors of their culture and country.

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