Class 6 History excursion

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“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the souls of its people.”
Mahatma Gandhi

The students of class VI were provided an opportunity to study the artefacts and artwork of the ancient and medieval periods on a visit to the National Museum at Janpath on 24 July 2019. The large group of one hundred and twenty-six students was accompanied by six vigilant teachers.

The museum has in its possession works of art, of both Indian and foreign origin, covering more than five thousand years of the rich cultural heritage of different parts of the world. One of the largest museums in India, it has a huge collection of sculptures in stone, bronze, terracotta and wood, miniature paintings, manuscripts, coins, arms and armour, jewellery, costumes and anthropological objects.

The enthusiastic students interacted with trained guides to understand the interesting history behind each piece of artefact collected from various archaeological sites of India. The extensive tour commenced with the Harappan gallery where experts shared interesting minutiae about the seals, pottery and tools used during the mature and late Harappan civilization. The students learnt about the journey of Indian currencies from British India to the early post-independence period.

The wood carvings and the different musical instruments displayed in the wood carving gallery and the musical instruments gallery definitely caught their attention. The young tourists were also shown around the galleries dedicated to the Mauryan, Kushana, Shunga and Gupta empires and the north-east states of India. They were awed into silence on visiting the Buddhist temple which houses the sacred relics of Lord Buddha.

The Mughal miniature paintings housed in a special gallery fascinated the visitors. There were different schools of art exhibited in this section.

The visit was a great source of information and knowledge for the students. The trip educated them on the kind of life lived during prehistoric and historic times. It enabled the young learners to understand the pace of development India has undergone at each and every phase.

The museum with its rich holdings of various creative traditions and disciplines showed the enchanted students unity amidst diversity and an unmatched blend of the past with the present with a strong perspective for the future.

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