Digex-2017- inter school photography event

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Digex Clan invited aspiring photographers and photo enthusiasts to enjoy a day with their peers as well as professionals at the Digex 2017 Photography Festival by Canon at DPS, R.K. Puram. The festival was held on 13th May from 8:30 am to 2 pm. 90 schools participated in the event.

There were 5 competitions and a workshop for the students and teachers by Canon. Our students also participated enthusiastically and picked up several tricks of photography. The students participated in the competitions called “Story Board”, “On the spot photography”, “Ad Making” and “Movie Making”. A workshop was also held on the campus to expose aspiring young photo enthusiasts to new techniques.

Our School won the Second prize for “Story Board’’ and the winners were Vatsala Banerjee and Saumya Chadha of class XII.

The events that were held were as follows:

1. On the Spot Photography- Sam Singh of class 8 and Jivesh of class 12 participated. The topic given to them was Composition of light and Illusion.
2. Story Board- Saumya Chadha and Vatsala Banerjee of class 12 won the 2nd prize. The topic given to them was Isolation.
3. Surprise Event- Bedanto of class 12 attempted to express himself creatively on the topic ‘Flower but not a flower’. This subject was to be dealt with with abstract imagery.
4. Ad Making- Karandeep and Hammad of class 12 participated in this event. They were assigned to design an advertisement for Shoes.
5. MP4- Tanmaye, Yash and Samarth of class 12 participated in this movie making event.

All the participants from our School performed very confidently and offered their best. Congratulations to Saumya Chadha and Vatsala of class XII!

Tavleen Singh

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