Ecology excursion for class 5

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The students of class V were taken on an excursion to the ‘Sunder Nursery’ on 12 February 2019. This was undertaken as a part of the ‘Outdoor Learning Initiative’. We, our School, aim at enriching student learning beyond the classsroom.

The Sunder Nursery is a 90-acre city park with a distinct heritage, ecological and nursery zones. It is an Urban Renewal Initiative with an aim to propagate saplings for New Delhi’s avenues. The students were taken on a ‘Nature Walk’ whereby they were shown water features, a flower showcase, arboretum, rose garden, bonsai collection and orchards. The children were thrilled to see the ‘garden house’ which showcased tropical and desert flora. Thereafter, they stepped into the garden area for a picnic. They played games and enjoyed picnic goodies.

The learning objective of the exercise
was to acquaint the children with nature and inculcate in them an awareness for education resources from Delhi’s ecology.

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