Environment Week-10th – 15th July, class 1

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The earth is a beautiful living planet of the Universe. It is the common habitat of more than 7 billion humans and millions of species of biodiversity. It provides us with food, shelter and fulfills other requirements. Hence, saving it is necessary and our moral duty.

We, at The Indian School, observed Environment Week from 10th to 15th July 2017. The students of class 1 were sensitised to the environment through various activities throughout the week.

To begin with, children were made aware of the importance of cleanliness through a story titled ‘Bubbles – The Litterbug’. The children enjoyed the story and answered questions indicating they understood the need for cleanliness.

The next day children recited the poem ‘Bits of Paper’. They also cleaned their class pigeon holes and learnt that it is important to maintain clean surroundings.

To make the week more exciting for students, they were encouraged to make dustbins using waste thermocol glasses and were asked to put use these for their pencil shavings. On the last day children were asked to come up and speak about what they do to keep beloved Mother Earth clean. They were provided with card cut outs on which they wrote points.

The week ended with much learning and awareness. The children were given an opportunity to express their love for their planet and show their concern for the same.

Ms. Ishleen.

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