Environment Week in Pre-Primary, 3-7 July, 2017.

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Better Environment ……. Better Tomorrow

Life on earth sustains in diverse types of surroundings. These surroundings comprise ‘our environment.’ Life on earth in the form of plants, animals and humans, is co-related with the environment and they depend on each other for survival.

The constantly changing environment is affecting the life on earth. Human actions have a direct impact on the eco system and if we do not pay attention to our environment, we will be putting our own existence in grave peril. Taking this thought forward, the Pre-Primary Department at The Indian School observed Environment Week from 3rd to 7th July,2017. The children were introduced to the reasons why it is critical for everyone to protect and preserve our Mother Earth and her environment, through activities spanning the week.

The children were taken outdoors to observe nature closely, its hues, diversity and wealth. Senior School teachers, Ms. Rukmini Thampi and Ms. Sara Khanna patiently walked the children as they explained the importance of clean air and a refreshing environment. The children observed a large variety of flora and fauna and learnt how these co-relate to each other. To make it fun and more interesting, the children collected varied fallen leaves and did a leaf printing exercise. They squealed in excitement as the images of the differently shaped leaves, dipped in paint appeared on their drawing sheets! The delicate vein patterns were so clearly traced and led to new learning and curiosity!

The next activity for the tiny tots was a puppet show where the importance of trees and the need to save them was showcased. Each puppet promised not to pick flowers or leaves to conserve Mother Nature. The children were shown some interesting videos relating to how one must save electricity and water. Each child coloured a paper cut-out of a light bulb, and promptly promised to turn off the lights and fans whenever not in use.

The entire week was event- filled. The children looked forward to the activities each morning, actively participating, learning and collaborating.. to conserve.

Ms. Bharti Bedi.

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