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Students lend their humble contribution to make some difference towards a greener surrounding, reducing pollution and supervising the cleaning of neighbourhood markets.

Every year, hundreds of students organize a march on the BRT corridor to create pollution awareness.


Students are encouraged to learn more about our planet and its natural resources so that we can each make our contribution, big or small for its preservation.






We have solar panels on our roof, a water harvesting plant and a paper recycling unit on our grounds. Paper is saved by the use of electronic mode for sending out messages, worksheets, lesson plans, helping us reducing our carbon footprints.


We are rapidly moving towards becoming a paperless school.


Best of waste is a regular exercise and beautiful products are churned out by the students and exhibited at the end of every year in the neighbourhood.
Our nukkad natak on saying No to fireworks over Diwali seems to have lead to a sizable reduction in air and noise pollution in the neighbourhood as was reported by parents.
At our Eco Park eco-related activities bring into focus belief in sustainability down to the smallest child. Training in compost making is a part of the activities there. We hope the Eco Park will impart a spirit of volunteerism and a lesson in community service for our senior children who could help sustain a local school in the area.

Learning to preserve : The school’s heritage conservation efforts have resulted in the school being selected by the ASI to adopt the Firoz Shah Tughluq’s Tomb in Haus Khas. This year, the primary school also undertook a cleanliness drive to protect and conserve our rich heritage by cleaning the garbage around the Firoz Shah Tughluq Fort area at Hauz Khas.