Excursion to Agra for classes IV and V

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Excursions are an integral part of the School curriculum and ensures that children complement what they learn in the classroom with a first hand experience. These outings help also build confidence, compassion, leadership skills and independence in students.

12 students of classes IV and V accompanied by their teacher, Ms. Parvinder Kaur, set off on a two day excursion to Agra –Brajgram (Kosi) on 3rd January 2018. The entire journey was astir with their lively and zestful chatter. After travelling about a 100 kilometers, the coach halted at Hodal for tea and refreshments.

After this short break and a light breakfast the journey resumed. At around 10 am the bus reached the Country Inn Resort at Kosi. Here, the group checked into its rooms, freshened up and proceeded to Brajgram.

Brajgram is a village located in the Braj region in Kosi, Kalan. It offers a unique experience of rural, agrarian lifestyle amongst village folk. It also has many folk arts and crafts including games, which form an intricate part of Braj culture. The students enthusiastically participated in all these activities.

We were taken around the farms, filled with beds of cauliflower, spinach, fenugreek as also shown vast sugarcane fields. We keenly watched ready vegetables being picked for sale in the village mandi. From horse rides and camel cart rides to playing local games like lattu, kanche, pitthu, tyre run and kabaddi, in the supervision of our resort volunteers, the children were overwhelmed.

The Dahi handi and Matka fodh rituals set the pulse racing and further elevated the thrill.

In the evening, the children were served hot tea and pakoras after which they returned to the resort where we settled down in our rooms, watched T.V and played indoor games. The children ate an early dinner and called it a day.

The next day started with a scrumptious breakfast at the resort, after which our coach resumed its journey to the Taj Mahal, now a world heritage site. On arrival, we caught a glimpse of the grand specimen of Mughal glory. We walked through the domed gateway, and marvelled at the exquisite monument built by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1632 as a mausoleum for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. As we strolled around the gardens, terraces and interiors of the ivory mausoleum, we learnt fascinating facts about its construction and symmetry. We clicked some memorable frames left with fond memories of our visit to this magnificent piece of architecture.

We proceeded to enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and then started our journey back to Delhi.

Ms. Parvinder Kaur.

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