Excursion to National Bal Bhawan for Class II

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According to Francis Bacon, travelling is a part of education. An excursion is not just a pleasure trip; it also enhances the knowledge of the students beyond the four walls of the classroom.

To provide such an enriching experience to students, The Indian School organised a field trip to National Bal Bhawan for students of class II accompanied by their teachers on 7 August 2019.

The children were in high spirits as they looked forward to the outing. The day had much in store for them. A veritable platter of delights awaited their arrival. At the entrance, they were elated to stumble upon the mini zoo which houses several aviaries of birds. The excited visitors learnt about different birds and their habitats.

Next, they visited the science park where the young learners gained knowledge about scientific laws and principles through attractive working models and visuals.

The sight of the mini train was pure delight as the little ones hopped on for a joyride. Merrily chugging through a tunnel and going over the bridge, the ecstatic munchkins gasped at the resplendent walls covered with cultural graffiti. The teachers read out the names of the states one after the other as each scene flashed past.

The National Children’s Museum afforded much glee as the visitors took in the rich and exotic display of toys and dolls from different countries. Equally captivating were exhibits of traditional jewellery, utensils and musical instruments, turbans from different states of India.

The mirror section was a big draw with its comic reflections. The funny and distorted images had the children in splits!

One of the star attractions of National Bal Bhavan is the Sanskriti Shilpa Gram (The Indian Village). The city bred children were amazed to see a typical village scene created realistically with mud huts, swings, women drawing water from a well, a cow with its calf, a bull and a farmer!

Such visits make children aware of the diverse culture of our great nation and instils in their hearts a feeling of pride in its diversity.

The last stopover in their exhilarating journey was at a small traffic park created in the premises with the support of the Delhi Traffic Police to make young kids aware of various aspects related to road safety in a play way method.

The park is equipped with traffic signals, road signs, small roads and road crossings. The children acquired knowledge on road safety and understood the importance of traffic lights and signals.

The trip was truly memorable; it was both edifying and entertaining.

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