Excursion to School eco park for class 3

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To expose the children to the freshness and treasures of the countryside, the students of class III were taken on an excursion to the School eco park on 22 February 2019. 36 students were accompanied by their teacher, Ms. Taniya Sutradhar, for the excursion by bus.

The luscious park proudly sits just beyond the city limits and is divided into various sections. The students were walked around and shown how seeds are sown and how each variety was allocated a particular section. The purpose of the visit was to get our urban- bred students introduced to the wonders of nature that they almost never see in the city.

It was a hands-on experience, as it were, as they not only got the opportunity to breathe the crisp farm air, they observed the different winter vegetables like the cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, sweet potato etc on their stems. The added delight was when they were guided to pick the ready produce to carry home! They were thrilled to observe that some of the harvest grew above the ground and some had to be undone from under the soil!

In the science park, the students were shown around the various life- sized models erected there based on the basic principles of science.

They were also happy to see a wide range of farm animals and birds such as hens, rabbits, ducks etc. It was fun to see them bond with nature in its manifold aspects.

The children also enjoyed playing volleyball, the swings and free play including climbing and running down on stacks of hay on the farm. The visit was a close encounter with nature, clubbed with outdoor sport and fresh air! It thus proved to be an educational playground for the young minds.

The visit showed the children firsthand how food is grown and tended, including sowing, picking, protecting from pests, manuring, crop cycles etc.

The teacher and the students returned to School with happy memories to treasure.

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