Excursion to the Gandhi Smriti, class 2

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On 31st August 2017, students of class II went on an excursion to the National Gandhi Museum at Raj Ghat. Dedicated to the Father of the Nation, the museum contains some of the Mahatma’s previous belongings.

There are five pavilions that house a beautiful sculpture of Bapu, rarely seen photographs and paintings, the history of the Satyagraha movement as exhibits displaying the philosophy of ‘ahimsa’ (non-violence).

Raj Ghat, on the banks of Yamuna is the samadhi of the Mahatma. An eternal flame burns to mark his everlasting presence amidst us. A tree lined walkway flanked by vast lawns leads to the walled enclosure that houses the stone memorial.

The children had a chance to know more about the Mahatma’s way of life and his struggles. They saw the charkha and were reminded about how Bapu taught Indians to discard imported garments for homespun ones. The charkha was a symbol of Swadeshi. The children though young, were intrigued to see the exhibits.

The trip was not complete without a tribute to our brave martyrs. We walked up to Rajghat together. Here, by happy coincidence the children chanced upon a group of Korean visitors to the memorial. Our class II has two young Koreans too and there was much excitement as the visitors chatted with our little students! They were delighted to observe that our little Korean students spoke flawless Hindi in addition to their mother tongue! The meeting was heartwarming.

An outing such as this is greatly enhances the learning done in the classroom. A flavour of history outdoors, in the company of one’s beloved peers is undoubtedly a special experience!

Ms. Rupinder Kaur.

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