Excursion to the School eco park for class 4

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Spending time amidst Mother Nature is an elevating experience for each one of us, young and old. To give our Primary a taste of this, an excursion to the School eco park was undertaken for class 4 on 17 January, 2019. 64 students accompanied by their teachers, Ms. Priya Sharma and Mr. Sanjeev Choudhary spent an enriching crisp winter morning at the eco park.

The children were walked through the science park where there are several life-sized models which demonstrate in a hands on way the basic principles of physics. The children enjoyed looking in the Reflecting Mirrors as were they curious about the model of the DNA and the Third Order Liver. They excitedly attempted the Double Ended Cone and listened to the musical tubes as they peeled.

Next the group was ushered to see the plantation area. Rows of luxuriant winter vegetables made for a delightful spectacle for our city children who squealed in delight to spot the mooli, gobhi, gajar and sweet potato peeking out of the leafy overgrowth! The young were guided on how to pick what is ripe to carry home for mom! In great excitement the children picked the ready produce and filled bags carried for the purpose, from home.

The children then relaxed in free play in the sun. Some played a game of volleyball whilst some others sang songs of the soul as it were, ably prompted by Sanjeev sir. The beats of the dholak and the song of the chorus set against the tranquility of the surroundings, seemed to have carry a curious refreshing quality.

Soon it was time to head back to School. Bags of fresh farm veggies and magical memories made for a memorable morning at the eco park.

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