Excursion to Traffic Training Park, class 1

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On Thursday, 28th September, 2017, an excursion to the Traffic Training Park situated on Baba Kharak Singh Marg was organised for class 1. The objective of the excursion was to reinforce the curriculum with a first hand experience for the young ones.

We were warmly welcomed at the venue by a representative, who guided us through. She related the several commonly seen road signs /symbols to the students and also spent time explaining the necessity of traffic signals in the first place. She used a live demonstration accompanied by flash cards.

The replica roads in the park were painted as seen on the road. There was a zebra crossing, a pedestrian subway, a foot-over bridge and a footpath to enable the children to visualise the setting.

It was a pleasure watching our students spontaneously volunteering answers to questions asked by our lead. The guides at the park sent for a bus so that they could demonstrate and have the children attempt boarding it in the desired way, with all precautions. The children were also shown the precautions needed to be taken once inside a bus.

The young listeners were asked to carry home the message of road safety and the importance of safety rules. The guides particularly promoted the children to tell their parents to observe rules and not be in an undue hurry when on the road.

It was an enriching hands’ on experience to graphically reinforce the curriculum.

Ms. Shikha Sharma.

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