Experience of art at a gallery for Primary

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38 children from classes 3-5 were taken on an excursion to view an art exhibition on 1 November, 2017 at the Delhi Art Gallery in Hauz Khas.

On display was an exhibition by a modern Indian lady artist, Madhvi Parekh. The theme of her exhibition was fantasy and early childhood memories.

There were paintings from across the artist’s career, from the 1960s, where the influence of Paul Klee’s abstraction was evident. Interesting nuances in the style were pointed out by the accompanying art teacher, Shankar sir, as the interested young students looked on curiously. The play of strokes and hues, the scale, the influences, etc were explained and the children taught to observe and appreciate such finer points.

Later, the students were handed sheets and colours, to draw. The subject given was their impressions of God.

It was an enriching experience for the primary students where they were given a chance to observe and also showcase their talent.

Mr. Shankar Sarkar.

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