Graduation Ceremony, 2018-19

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The Graduation Ceremony is the most significant and meaningful occasion on our School calendar for the students of class XII. This year the ceremony for the outgoing batch of 2018-19 was held on 21 December 2018 at 4:30vpm in the auditorium and was attended by the students of class XII as well as their parents and all their teachers. Anisha Mathur of class XI-D and Anshika Sharma of class XI-E were the emcees at the event.

The programme began with the academic procession led by Principal Ms. Tania Joshi, accompanied by Vice Principals, Dr. Anu Singh and Ms. Sukhmeen Cheema. They were followed by all the teachers of the School. Each teacher carried a diya in his/ her hand and walked up to place it on a stand at the base of the stage. The diyas are an embodiment of the light of learning and awakening that the teacher is handing to the generation now brought up so that each of its young members can carry one away to light up the world outside. Within minutes over 100 little flames shone as they sat upon the extended arms of the metal stand! The hall seemed aglow and alight!

The teacher choir then gathered on the stage in their resplendent sarees to present an inspirational song for their beloved students. This was followed by Principal, Ms. Joshi addressing the audience. She wished every student a bright and promising future. She said she felt secure in that the teachers had armed each one with character and abilities to navigate safely in the world beyond. Each student received a citation on the occasion.

The Graduation Ceremony would be incomplete without letting students share their thoughts on the auspicious and momentous occasion. Atif Hussain of class XII-B, Arjun Mehra of class XII-C and Avantika Chodha of class XII-D had us gripped in an unforgettable journey down memory lane as they related moments of mirth, camaraderie, reprimand and restoration, as it were that packed the 14 years of school life. Their words glued each one present to a precious phase now to yield to another one yet untold. The pangs of parting were tantalising.

Parents namely, Dr. Anu Singh (mother of Navya Singh of class XII-B), Ms. Seema Mehra (mother of Arjun Mehra of class XII-C), and Ms. Safia (mother of Anas Arif of class XII-D) also shared their thoughts and reminisces of their journeys The computer department played a slideshow of memories the School archive to the squeals of delight of the children! The whole auditorium resonated with peals of laughter as the students glimpsed themselves and their beloved classmates in frames of yore!

Soon it was time for the students to receive their personalised diyas and line up on stage one last time to sing the School song. Several young eyes turned glassy as they lipped the lyrics together one last time.

Students, parents and the teachers then proceeded to the front lawn to release the customary balloons and mingle over tea. The evening sky was dotted by climbing strings of dozens of balloons as they quickly scaled the heights of new hopes and aspirations.

Anisha Mathur, XI-D.

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