Graduation : Speeches

Vibha Chopra (mother of Ishan Chopra 12-B)

The Indian School – a name to reckon with..

My association with The Indian School has been long’ fruitful and memorable.  My daughter Vanika was one of the first forty students enrolled in the school in its inaugural year.

I have seen her and my son Ishan grow up into well-rounded human beings as I am sure have all the other children, and I do wish to give the credit where it is due.  The Indian School has always worked in tandem

with us as parents and in these young children we see the fruit of this union.

I, on behalf of the parents here, would like to express our gratitude to the Administrative and Academic family who have in one way or another guided our children, encouraged them and inspired them to give their best .  Interaction with the students has always been on a one-on-one basis and this I feel has inspired confidence in them.

Thank you once again to The Indian School its entirety and best wishes to these young men and women who now stand ready albeit with trepidaton at the threshold of a brand new world.

SIMMI NANGIA (mother of Dhruv and Drishti Nangia 12 A and 12B respectively)

Respected Principal Ma”m, Teachers  and  dear friends

Today as I speak here, I go down the memory lane ,when my twin kids Dhruv & Drishti , joined the Indian school family as toddlers in pre-nursery, they entered the school crying & I am sure they will part with moist eyes.

Any thing constant in life is change, &the children are all set to begin their next innings, dreaming of a bright future & also fearing the competitive  world .But I am sure they will face the new challenges with courage,self-belief,&ideals & values they have imbibed all these years ,getting educated in this esteemed institution.

I am very thankful to al our teachers from pre-school to class 12th for the valuable teachings & guidance . they have been really patient with the children ,helping them out of their problems be it educational or emotional. I assure you that this bonding shall remain forever & they will miss this school time when they are out in the open world.

It would not be wrong to say, that these children have grown with the school & also the school has grown with them.I remember ,respected ma”m the days when the school was till class 5 & then gradually growing till 8th ,then 10th & 12th ,just as our children grew for the next class.

I also admit that the students might have been naughty & troublesome at times but the teachers have handled them very well with a blend of strictness , patience & love, just the way we would have handled them.

I , on behalf of  al the parents take this opportunity to thank everyone associated with the school fraternity. The house – keeping staff and the security guards also need a worthwhile mention &thanks for their efforts.

I ,thank you once again principal ma”m for shaping & polishing the lives of our children so that they become worthy citizens of our country & I hope you continue to enrich the lives of many more children in the coming years.

A special thanks ,to Tanya ma”m,,who has always been a pillar of inspiration & support to the children.

Thank you, ma”m for everything.

And now a big all the best to all our children for their Boards, & the times ahead. God Bless !!

Thank you ladies & gentlemen, have a good day.

Simmi Nangia

USHMI SETHI (mother of Aashna Sethi 12-c)

Dear Principal Ma’am ,Honorary members of the board,Teachers,Parents and students

It is indeed a great honor to be speaking on this very special graduation day .

My association with the school goes back to 14 years :

probably when the school had just stared. I have closely witnessed the evolution and progress of the school , over the years – in all spheres , be it academics , extra-curicular activities, infrastructure ,or exposure to the outside world and events . Today I stand here as a proud parent of a happy and confident child .

What I admire the most is the values the school has inculcated in the students – especially the Sanskara Syllabus . The syllabus is an intrinsic part of each and every classroom . teaching children to revere and respect their elders , teachers and quests. All the Indianites I have met are very well mannered and well grounded .Children with great values, with a special corner for the less privileged.

So, today I take  this opportunity to thank the school for instilling the best of education, a healthy  outlook and overall confidence in each Indianite. Also I would like to thank the teachers for their earnest efforts in trying to bring out the best in children, preparing them constantly to carve a niche for themselves in the outside world.

Last but not the least , a Special congratulations to this very special batch of 2011-12. May you all do exceedingly well in your forthcoming Board exams and in all your future assignments .

Aarushi Chaturvedi

I remember the day when I first stepped through those large crimson painted gates of  The Indian School, a little girl clinging to her mother’s fingers as tightly as she could. There in front of her stood the Principal; her loving smile encouraged the little girl to venture into the place where she had to spend the next 14 yrs of her life. That little girl was none other than me.

From that day to this day I never had a cause for concern or fear about schooling. I knew I was in great hands. I feel very proud of all my acheivements; I dedicate them all to my teachers and parents who have been beacons of light, guiding me to success.

As we gather here today we stand on the threshold of a new journey. We will go our seperate ways, that is true, but we will forever be bound by the memories we have created together in these 14 years at The Indian School.

Good morning to all present, today I Aarushi Chaturvedi take this opportunity to thank the staff and management of this school for their unstinted support and guidance. I also take this opportunity to thank my friends for standing by my side through thick and thin. Together we have created unforgettable moments.

As I stand here I am overwhelmed by a gamut of emotions. For the first time I realize how important you were in my life. We studied, played and fought together, competed amongst ourselves and above all understood each other intensely. Our relationship is based on pure innocent love and friendship, unsullied by the manipulative adult world.

My dear teachers, we have completed this part of journey under your caring watchful eyes. We owe you our education, wisdom and way of life. Today I realize how important your scolding and reprimands were. These sweet memories will be etched forever in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

I salute the silent corridors and walls which saw us grow up, and the playfield where we ran about, learning the lessons of life. These experiences fill the pages of our book of life. Today we, the authors of this book, are writing again. This graduation experience will become an important part of it. When you will go over these pages some day, it will tell you the success of years of patience and encouragement of not only our parents but also our respected teachers who guided us in our quest for happiness and success.

As the Graduating Class of 2011-12 we express our gratitude for the wonderful opportunities that we were exposed to. We are indeed privileged to have attended this school.

As we make a smooth transition into life beyond school, I am sure the fine education we received will stand us in good stead – time and again.

We the class of 2011-12 are the second batch to proudly complete schooling from Nursery to 12th    at The Indian School and we have seen the school grow through all these years under the guidance of Mr. Prafful Goradia and Dr. (Mrs). Naina Goradia who have rightly built us into ‘Ocean liners with Indian Anchors’….

At the end I would like to conclude with a little poem….

14 years of school is almost at its end
Now what awaits us are new people, new friends
Don’t hold back the tears, feel free to cry
It is after all, our final goodbye

Bittersweet memories all started here
Of happiness, sadness, anger and fear
It’s time to move on as the future comes near
It’s time to end our 14th year

Notes that were passed amongst each other
Homework and tests that were always a bother
Friends that would always stick together
All started here in one way or another

The stepping stones, the last few years were
To the life we’re about to face
So I thank everyone who has helped me here
And given me dreams to chase

A huge thank you to all my friends
For being there for me
I hope this is not when our friendship ends
It’s just not meant to be

My teachers, thank you so much
For never giving up on me
I know I’m not that good and such
But at least I’m trying to be

14 years have passed by so fast
Never thought this day would come near
Alas, let’s just celebrate our last
The end of our school years


Expressing my views for the VERY LAST TIME on this TIS podium, makes me undergo mixed emotions. Though the New, Unpredictable Life ahead beckons me, Challenges me, tempts me,  it is disheartening to think of myself bereft from my Teachers, Friends, Classmates, the association with whom all is reminiscent of many cherished moments. The moments that have built me, the compassion and concern of my mentors, their teachings that will always be the foundation of my edifice. I can’t thank them enough for their encouragement, perseverance and the wealth of knowledge that they have passed on to us.

The protective environment of school contrasts with the harshness of life. While school teaches a lesson and then takes a test, Life takes a test first and then teaches a lesson.

Sooner or later we all will discover that the important moments in life are not the advertised ones, not the birthdays, not the great goals achieved. The real milestones are less prepossessing. They come to the door of memory unannounced, sniff around a bit and simply never leave. Our lives will be measured by these. Such quantum of teachings acquired here, applied everywhere will nurture our process of developing in Life, where we don’t just exist, but LIVE.

The stand-alone spirit, the power of resilience, the strength of togetherness and the never-perishing faith imbibed in us here, in our second home, will remain with us perennially. No words of appreciation can match the thoughts which I have engraved within. As I look back, I am reminded of tremendous joys and numerous upheavals underwent by us. The healthy competition emanating from mutual rivalry to outdo fellow students, to sharing lighter moments has All registered well, never succumbing to pressure culminating from friends and academics.

It’s time we leave our city of comfort and go into the wilderness of our intuition. We sure can’t get there by the school bus, but by only hard work and risk, based on our learning here;

And the journey that began with tears in our eyes as toddlers being separated from our parents now ends in the same tearful manner, only the separation this time is from those who, though began as strangers have etched themselves in our mind and heart. Estrangement will be from those, who have been with us though out these 15 years- all through joys and sorrows, trials and tribulations. It will bother, hurt. And most hurting will be the pain of leaving this school.

The only time a goodbye is painful is when you know you will never say hello again. But we all, gathered here, know within ourselves, we will meet, will remember.

We will surely miss our school. Thank you, The Indian School.


Good Morning Respected Principal,Teachers,Parents & dear friends,

Those who get lost on their way to school will never find their way through life ; not knowing what this means in 1997 I walked into the corridors of  this school holding my father’s hand and now in 2012 I am standing before you to bid adieu to all that was associated with us and the school.

We all met under this roof and a journey began,a shy reserved girl walked into the arms opened by all in the school to turn into a person  that I am today,now standing before you.

First few years of school gave me only fun,frolic and loads of knowledge but as the years flew by I felt a gush of wind swiping me into a time and period of life where I a seemed to be lost and lonely but not to forget these strong arms which comprised of teachers and friends  and they did not let  me fall and I was dragged back from the  oblivion to the obvious and then I embarked on a journey that was  that was in safe and sensible hands.

Till 10th  class my journey seemed uphill and tough but hey presto !! in 11th and 12th  standard we said hello  to a new life and embarked on a well guided path wherein teachers gave us loads of knowledge not only from books but also warned us  like wise men that foot prints remain on the sands of time and every step we take is a footprint which means  one step taken in the wrong direction can leave a footprint imprinted  wrongly  for the rest of our lives and they also  blessed us with the best wishes highlighting the fact that “tomorrow is the first day of our lives”.

There are some things we never want to let go of.People we never want to leave behind ,but keep in mind that letting go isn’t the end of the world ….it is the beginning of a new life…….but not to forget ………that……..

In our class  XIIth (humanities stream) we are the eight musketeers and i choke with tears to think about the fact that from today onwards the classroom,the meeting of the eight musketeers and not to miss the uniform would be a subject of farewell. And now i realise it takes a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye.

We were swished into the waves of the sea called school in a few seconds but bidding adieu makes me feel like a shell lying on the beach  washed out by the sea lying in the purest form but yet unprotected waiting to be lifted and placed where it belongs that is  into the hands of destiny.

I  wanted a perfect ending of a good speech but except for expressing gratitude in the simple way of saying thank you to all our teachers and faculty members who helped in running the school.

I sign off by saying

” may the road rise upto meet you

may the wind be ever at your back

may the sun shine  warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields.

and until we meet again , may god hold you in the hollow of his hands .

Good bye and god bless…..