Happy Feet- Pre primary dance presentation

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From the beginning of time, dance is a universally accepted medium of binding people together in joy and sharing. Besides it is an enjoyable exercise.

The Pre-Primary department held a dance presentation, section wise, aptly named “Happy Feet” on 28th September, 2018. Our young students matched step to the happy rhythm of some foot tapping tunes and thus showcased their budding skill in the art!

The toddlers of Pre School made for a spontaneous little audience in the auditorium to watch with keen interest the exhilarating performances of their senior peers.

The event commenced with a performance by the students of Pre-Primary Gemini to ‘ The ketchup song’- a Spanish foot tapping song by a famous girl group; LA’s Ketchup. The children happily danced the steps of ‘Latin Pop’ to the beats of the song.

Next, was a delightful presentation by the students of Pre-Primary Leo to the song- ‘Better when I’m dancing’, by singer Megan Trainer in a tropical touch and Funky style.

Pre-Primary Merak students followed with a performance to the song – ‘ LA LA LA’, a popular number by Shakira that was equally energy packed and students danced in the hip hop style to match the music.

Pre-Primary Orion tapped its little feet to the heady tune of ‘Un dros tres – Maria’ by Ricky Martin much to the cheer of the audience which clapped along to the steps in Latin- fusion style.

Last but not the least was a performance by the students of Pre-Primary Vega who danced to the chartbuster – ‘Despacito’ a rocking fusion of Indian and western. The students attempted Bhangra style steps to the western beats!

The enthusiasm, confidence and energy of the young performers was infectious and the audience was infused by the same.

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