Heritage Day Celebrations, 18 April, 2013

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A Heritage campaign was organized at our School with a plethora of educational and entertainment-based activities to mark Heritage Day.

The campaign began wth a special assembly where students were told about the varied facets of heritage which includes forts, palaces, cavshelters, burials, baolis, groves, animals, birds, festivals, fairs, dances, music, textiles, rangolis, paintings, craftwork, the list is endless.  The assembly also highlighted that heritage is a treasure trove of the past and it is the responsibility of the present generation to protect, preserve and promote it’s continuity for the future generation.

The different levels of School participated distinctively.

The Pre-Primary section  was told the story of Emperor Shah Jehan and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal and how the Taj was built. Handmade puppets were used to narrate the tale as the children listened intently. They related quickly to the tale set to rhythm and setting by their teachers.

At the primary level, classes 4-5 crafted display boards with the help of their teachers on the architectural legacy of India. They use the opportunity to weave the contribution of Math in heritage as they discovered the science and the timelessness of the buildings.

Students from class 6 onwards participated with zeal in a novel face- making activity on the subject of the endangered species of India. The celebrated humped bull of Harappa found a significant place in the exercise.

Students from classes 6-8 were also taken for a heritage walk at the Firoz Shah Tughluq tomb. At the monument, adopted by our School from the ASI, the children were not only made aware of the historical and architectural legacy of this site, but were also introduced to the aspect of the importance of careful preservation of this priceless heritage.

An activity on Vedic maths was undertaken for the students of classes 8-10. Since Vedic maths does not require to memorise multiplication tables beyond 5 x 5, it is possible to improvise the necessary multiplication tables for oneself. Infact, with the aid of an appropriate vedic formula one can arrive at the product comfortably and accurately! The students were duly curious and amused!

The concept of heritage and health  was highlighted to senior school through the medicinal property of our rich flora like Tulsi, Mint, Aloe Vera , Neem etc. The students explored the qualities and the benefits of these plants and  discussed how they would incorporate this important aspect in the annual science exhibition later in the year.

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