Honours at inter school computer competition

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Modern School ECNCR, Sonipat, conducted an inter school computer competition titled Innovision 2020 on 30 December, 2020. The competition aimed at challenging the intuitiveness of students involved in computers and technology, through a series of events ranging from presentations to problem- solving and App designing. 38 schools participated in the event.

The following events were open for the different classes:

1. Canvas: Aaishi Sengupta of class III participated in the event. She created a Jungle scene in MS Paint, using various shapes and tools from the themes given. She was awarded the Second Position for her brilliant work.

2. Tech Greek: Nysaa of class V took part in this event. Nysaa presented her views on the topic ‘Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy’. She incorporated animations and visual effects in her presentation.

3. Director’s Cut: Anhad Singh of class VII participated in this event and made a video on Artificial Intelligence using a movie making software. The video was then unlisted and uploaded on YouTube.

4. Architect – Haritamaa Sharma of class IX participated in this event and created a game on the theme “Team Work”.

 5. Simulator – Hardik Narang and Ekveer Sahoo of class IX bagged the Second Position in this event. They were asked to create a 3D model on the topic ‘Climate and Energy’.

6. Browser : Sasmit Dey Sarkar of class 10 won the Second Position in this event. He designed a website on Start-up India and procreated web pages with originality and creativity.

 7. Picture Perfect: Sharanya of class XI participated in this event. The participants were asked to design any poster on a socially relevant topic using an image editing software.

8. V-Build – Uday Beswal of class XII bagged the Second Position in this event. In this category the participants were asked to design a self-created App or software which was user-friendly.

The event proved to be a fruitful experience for all the participants and helped boost our students’ confidence.

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