Honours at inter school tech event

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On 26th July 2018, a team of students from classes XI and XII participated in Bluebells School International School’s annual tech competiton, Virus’18. The event was organised by the school tech society, ENIAC.

The events were as follows: Quiz, Digital Imaging, Programming, Cubing, Gaming and a Surprise event. The theme was Overclock – a term from the world of computers, referring to working beyond your scope to achieve your maximum potential.

The team from our School included Yash Lamba (XI-C) and Darsh Kumar (XI-A) for quiz, Gitansh Satija (XII-A) and Ayushi Verma (XII-A) for Programming, Samarth Saxena for the surprise event, Tanmaye Kohli and Sarim Husain for Digital Imaging, Ranveer Bhalla for Gaming, and Aditya Sharma and Arjun Pasricha for Cubing.

Ranveer Bhalla won the first prize for Gaming event which consisted of 3 rounds. The first round was the game “Injustice 2”, and second round was “FIFA’18”. The last and final round was based on the game “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” , which consisted of 3 sub-rounds. After an intense contest, 5 participants qualified for the finals, where Ranveer Bhalla won the first prize.

Samarth Saxena, XII-A

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