Honours at ‘MIND QUEST’- inter school art competition

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Father Agnel School held an art competition, ‘Mind Quest’, on 16 and 20 August, 2018. Four students from our School took part in the same. The students were asked to create an optical illusion on 5 planks of size 20 by 30 inches and then arrange it as a cuboid.

The brief allowed the use of only black, grey and white colour and the task had to be complete in 6 hours. Since the duration of the competition was two days, the participants had to work for three hours each day. While some teams were unable to complete their work within the prescribed time limit, many teams made exquisite illusions.

Our School team, consisting of Urvi Beswal (X B), Shreya Palit (X B), Jaiaditya Singh (X A) and Harsheen Kaur (X D) presented a beautiful piece of work and were named winners of the second prize.

Aryan Singh, X-D.

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