Honours at The Annual Inter-School Cultural Fest

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John Rowland aptly said, “Competition among schools is always a great motivator.”

Our School participated in ‘Rendezvous’, an annual inter-school cultural festival, organised by Air Force Bal Bharti School on 4 and 5 November 2022. The objective of this fest was to give young and talented minds, an opportunity to ‘explore, experiment, design, develop and create together’. 16 competitions constituted this annual event. The competitions were challenging and encouraged students to perform their best. The details of the fest are as follows.

Day One, 4 November: Some captivating events such as Perceptive Transmission, Stratagem, Fantabulous Fable, Create-O-Mania, Zerotwo 55, Hardware Hartes Zeug, Cryptrick, comprised the spectacular Day One. These competitions expected participants to showcase their marketing, storytelling, communication and analytical skills. ‘Create-O-Mania’ aimed to have students pitch their novel business ideas and working models in the market. The students’ understanding of the different computer languages and hardware also got tested in competitions like ‘Zerotwo 55’and ‘Hardware Hartes Zeug’.

Day Two, 5 November: Many spell binding competitions like the Hindi and English debates, theatre performances, musical and IT events, constituted Day Two. These were named ‘I Opine’, ‘Shauryagatha’, ‘Aatmabhavati’, ‘Talking Green’, ‘Abhiprerna’, ‘Pixel Possible’, respectively.

A few IT events had the preliminary round conducted in the online mode on the same day. The students exhibited exemplary oratorical, debate and acting skills. The students’ competence in music and IT was also tested. They shared bright ideas on sustainable travel and sustainable living. Our School students presented a motivational song in the event, ‘Abhiprerna’.

Our School students performed extraordinarily and were felicitated in nine categories.

1. PIXEL POSSIBLE: Vismaya II C, won the First Prize in this IT event.

2. ABHIPRERNA: Our School choir comprising eight students, bagged the First Prize. Omendra V E, Shikarwar V E, Shourya Gupta V B, Dakshita Dubey V C, Khushi Kumari Das V C, Samarth Sovani V C, Naivaidya Gouda V B, Avika V B, were the treasured team members.

3. SHAURYAGATHA: Sehaj Singh VC, secured the Second Position in this role enactment category. He portrayed the character of the famous freedom fighter, Birsa Munda, with much ease and flair.

4. ZINDAGI: Aaishi Sengupta V C, won the Second Position in the art competition.

5. PERCEPTIVE TRANSMISSION: Tanisha Mendiratta X A, Saanvi Sharma X A, along with Ryan Singh IX A, secured the Second Position. In this category, the first participant was to create a poem based on the image presented, followed by the second participant who made a drawing based on the self- composed poem. The art work was then passed onto the third participant, who had to write a scene taking the cues from it. This event emphasised that students maintained the same learning through the three stages. It was a time- bound event.

6. I OPINE: Dhruv Sacheti X B, was awarded the First Position in the debating competition. He was named the ‘Best Speaker’ for his arguments against the topic, ‘Global Peace is Utopia’.

7. STRATAGEM: Pranya Sadh XI D and Khushi Bammi XI C, won the Second Position for their novel business idea that would contribute to society and also be a profitable venture simultaneously.

8. CREATE-O-MANIA: Ainesh Das XI A, Abhishek Rana XI A and Chinmay Mishra XI A, secured the Second Position. The students got awarded for preparing and presenting the working model of a smart blindstick, an innovation to help the blind people lead life independently.

9. ZEROTWO 55: Sasmit Dey Sarkar XII B, bagged the Second Position in this competitive programming event.

Ms Sunita Gupta, Principal of the host school, appreciated and applauded our School team for its spectacular performance. It was a moment of pride and honour for our School. May many more laurels come our way!

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