Important Notice

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The School has been compelled to file a case for defamation in the Delhi High Court against 11 parents for damages of Rs. 25 lakhs each ( as copied below).

The management was left with no choice but to file this petition to safeguard the reputation and goodwill of the School in the face of several wild and baseless allegations made by these parents in their letter to the CM. The School has strongly refuted such baseless allegations.
We had to take this unfortunate step as we did not want your child to pass out of a school which has a bad or tainted reputation. It would not benefit either you or us.

Some of the allegations are :
“ arrogant management loaded with the impulse of money making and created unaccounted wealth has now crossed every decency to loot the parents with unreasonable demand and unexplained fees structure.”
“The permission to run the evening school at the same premises is refused by the DoE and the matter is still pending in the Hon’ble High Court”.
“That school acts as a profit making institution with only intention to extract as much as money from the parents by whatever means.”


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