‘Innovation’ ( science fest)

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Today, the world strives for new innovations for the sake of the betterment of society. On 26 April 2019, INNOVATION – an annual science fest organised by DPS International, Saket provided an extensive platform for young minds to present their innovative ideas and display their skills. The students of The Indian School participated in it with zeal.

There were various events at the competition, including ‘Playing With Apparatus’, ‘Ad-Mad’, ‘Robowars’, ‘Rocket Launcher’ and others.

In ‘Ad-Mad’ the students were to devise an intriguing 3-minute advertisement for selling an innovative product that would help combat pollution. In ‘Robowars’, the participants assembled their own self-made robots which were designed to survive a clash. In ‘Rocket Launcher’, the students had to launch self-made rockets using easily available chemicals and simple fundamental laws of Physics. In ‘Playing with Apparatus’, students had to perform various practicals and showcase their practical skills. In yet another event, the students were required to build an innovative working model using various fundamental scientific phenomena.

The participants were Saumya Agarwal, Kartik Anand, Sifti Singh, Debarpan, Mannan Mukhija, Anushka Saxena, Aryan Singh, Nakul Chadda, Revaty Hari Kumar and Meenakshi Manoj.

Aryan Singh, XI-B


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