Inter-house Math Quiz for classes IV & V

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“Real learning comes about when the competitive spirit has ceased.” -Jiddu Krishnamurti

Keeping the spirit of learning active, School organised an Inter-house Mathematics Quiz for classes IV and V on Friday, 2 February, 2018 in the School auditorium. A team of 10 participants each from the four houses geared up to face the challenge.

The quiz consisted of 3 rounds. It commenced with a ‘direct round’ of Multiple Choice questions followed by a’puzzle round’ and ‘fastest finger first’. Rules and regulations of the quiz were explained at the beginning of each round.

The first round tested the arithmetical skills of the participants and the second round tested logical reasoning. Here each house solved a puzzle given. The participants had to observe the number pattern and find the missing one. In the ‘fastest finger round’, comprehension as well as speed of answer was tested. All the participants solved the questions enthusiastically and in skill. The questions posed to the teams tested every aspect of their knowledge if math so far, both comprehension and application of concepts. The audience not only cheered loudly to motivate the participants but also got a chance to volunteer the correct answer each time the participants answered incorrectly.

When the quiz came to an end, everyone present in the Hall waited anxiously for the result. Head Teacher, Ms. Sharayu Paralikar shared her thoughts as the result was tabulated. Soon the result was announced. Indra House stood 3rd and there was a tie between Surya and Varun Houses for the 2nd position. The winner of the quiz was Chandra House.

This was an enriching, interesting and fun filled activity. The students not only rose to the challenges posed with dexterity but equally, they enjoyed doing so.

The following students who participated in the quiz were:
Class Varun House Chandra House Surya House Indra House

  • IV-A Samiya Anshuman Avika Siryah
  • IV-B Gunika Daksh P. Dishita Shreya
  • IV-C Pranay Kamreen Zehra Sonam Divyansh
  • IV-D Asmi Chawla Saanvi Jawa Viraaj Juneja Shambhavi
  • IV-E Shiva Siroii Shubhmit Sharma Naman K. Singh Tanishka
  • V-A Saanvi Viraaj Prabhnoor Tanisha
  • V-B Akshit Adwiteya Bhavya Krunal Patel
  • V-C Shreya Gunraaj Ahem Sadh Dhriti
  • V-D Aryaman K. Soumit Aryamaan Zavaibah
  • V-E Parth Tia Samyak Aurosmriti

Ms. Mehak Gumber.

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