Inter School Creative Writing event

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On 23 April 2019, students of classes III to VIII went to Ramjas Primary School, Daryaganj for a Hindi- English creative writing competition. We reached

by 10:30 am and the students were given their respective roll numbers and were informed about the classes they had to report at.

Soon the participants were handed a slip carrying four topics and were asked to choose one to write on. At around 11 am the competition began. All the students were given an hour and the sheets were taken in at noon. After the sheets were collected students were given refreshments. We exited the school at around 12:30 pm. It was a fun filled morning of learning.

Topics for creative writing for classes III to V


1. Let’s help nature

2. Your favourite time of the day

3. Visit to the book fair

The students who participated in this event were:

1. Upasana Khatua

2. Aarav Bansal

3. Shiven Menon


1. Chaand par ek din

2. Chuttiyon ka mazaa

3. Meethee vaani

4. Yadi mere paas ek jadui kalam hot

The students who participated in this were:

1. Shraddha Saraswat

2. Manha Furqan

3. Navya Puri

Topics for creative writing for classes VI to VIII


1. When I see nature, I …..

2. One thing I can change about myself

3. How I am different

4. Books: Are they from the past?

The students who participated in this were:

1. Darsh Verma

2. Ekveer Sahoo

3. Siddharth S. Khati


1. Hamaari jeevan rekhayein – Nadiyan

2. Hamaare desh mein badhti sadak ghataayein

3. Haamre sainik – hamaara Gaurav

4. Meri ek yaadgaar yatra

The students who participated in the above were:

1. Ashwin Awasthi

2. pranshi Pareek

3. Uday Soni

Ms Sushila Negi

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