Interacting with peers on skype- class 1C

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Technology within a classroom, in recent times has become important for the development of young minds. In line with this objective, an engaging Skype session was held on 28 August 2018 at 11 am. with Ms. Duhita Parmar, certified Microsoft Educator and her students at DLF Public School, Ghaziabad.

Our students of class IC were keen on interacting with their peers at another school. The enthusiasm and curiosity of the young learners was evident throughout the session.

The students asked questions relating to their EVS chapter – My School. Through this lively sharing of ideas during the session, the students were able to inform each other about their classes, the uniforms they wear at School, the different areas of their schools, how they spend their time in the library, the Indian and western music rooms, doing Judo, food in the canteen, the Yoga and Splash Pool sessions, drama, skating etc. The children were very animated and even the shy ones opened up as the session progressed! At the end they wanted to know when the next session was!

It was an enriching and novel learning experience for the students. Most of them were already familiar with video calling, but this classroom interaction was a joyous learning experience.

Ms. Ishleen Saluja.

I – C

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