Interaction with School chairman on Time Management

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Time and tide wait for none. Once t slips out of our hands, it is an irreplaceable loss. One must therefore know how to manage time and make the most of it. Alas this is something we often fail to achieve.

To lay emphasis on the importance of time and to explain ways of optimising our use of time, School chairman, Mr Prafull Goradia, conducted an interactive session with the students of class IX on 13th December, 2017 .

Mr. Goradia started with anecdotes from his own life. He told the students how he used to waste his time during college . He never managed his time and used to study just a month before exams. He thus ended up passing with mediocre marks.

He was disappointed and regretted his recklessness but it was too late. He then decided he would change himself. The next time he went home to Kolkata (from Mumbai where he studied), for his three-month long vacation, he would carry all his thick course books with a target to finish them! Soon his scores improved.

One of the complaints that he often had with himself was that he was unable to spend enough time with his family. Here Mr. Goradia realised that the half an hour that one can spend with the family at dinner is the best quality time. This half an hour is better than spending hours without really being involved with the family. He then answered the queries of the students in the audience.

Some students shared their confusion about balancing school, coaching outside, time for friends, games and even simple leisure time. Mr Goradia suggested that students must make a judicious use of time at School to study and learn so that the time can be spared for other activities. Here Mr. Goradia cited some examples of instances where students waste precious time. Some students are obsessive about the way they look and end up spending excessive time in front of the mirror, on grooming etc. But, mirrors are for self-assessment, rather than just a medium for grooming, he said. Also, students waste time on texting and mindlessly surfing the internet. This time can be better utilised educating oneself.

Mr. Goradia also gave some tips for time management. One should scribble the ‘to-do-things’ either on paper or on sticky notes so that one never forgets the items on the list. The mind is for thinking, not for remembering things, he said. One can leave these things on paper, or computers. Also, one must make one’s schedule spontaneously, so that one is able to adjust according to the circumstances.

The students welcomed these suggestions with an open mind. They also promised to inculcate these propositions in their daily routines. It was a very helpful session for students as well as teachers alike.

Aryan Singh IX-D.

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