International Peace Day interaction vide video with the Lahore Grammar School

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‘Peace is the presence of happiness and absence of all forms of violence’.

Since time immemorial the notion of peace has evolved to encapsulate different visions of co-existence and solidarity. The United Nations, since its inception in 1945, has unceasingly stressed on the creation of a world filled with peace. This global organisation along with all its member agencies focusses on removing atrocities and transnational cruelty; it also pressurises governments to undertake arms’ control and disarmament. In this light the United Nations observes 21st September as International Day of Peace across the world.

On the occasion, The Indian School conducted several activities to foster the notion of cooperation both within and without, the latter at a virtual level with Pakistan.

In a discussion with students of classes IX-XI it was reiterated that today, words like ‘peace’, ‘stability’, ‘harmony’ and ‘balance’ are used as essential elements in International Relations. Students expressed that, in its most elemental meaning, peace involves a condition of security that makes civilised life possible. Resonating UNESCO’s famous dictum against war, a class XI student said, “Since war begins in the mind of men, it is in the mind of men that the defence of peace must be constructed”. A meditation session followed to instil that peace begins with oneself and then flows to help curb violence in society.

In the course of the interaction, the children insisted that the easiest way to bridge the gap between our two countries is by bringing their peoples together. It is the self-seeking politicians who blocks the way, they emphasised.

The skype conversation began by reflecting upon the overriding concern for India and Pakistan’s jointly inherited destinies. Students from both sides were not blind to the fact that they share a history of bitterness, aversion and hatred. However they remained steadfast in their belief in a bright and peaceful present as well as future.

Alongside such a recognition it is imperative for the young today, to negate several preconceived animosities and replace them with the idea of commonness that both countries share. The student strengthened his point by referring to the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, the Partition of Bengal in 1905 and the merger of the Non-cooperation movement with the Khilafat movement in 1919 when religious divide was a mere misnomer and people stood shoulder to shoulder to fight British power. On a lighter note the children shared their common fascination for sports, culture, entertainment etc., which breaks the notion of ‘otherness’ between Indians and Pakistanis!

A poster for peace designed by the children highlighted the need of the hour, namely, the preservation of peace in the mind for all. The children expressed how societies cam be a strong force in shaping our relations, free of internal or external constraints. Reiterating this belief, students of The Indian School recited a poem;

“A heart understanding another,
all people working together,
a young face looking into an old,
to work towards a goal
that is bold.”

The exchange not only fostered a spirit of oneness among the participants but also demonstrated that the youth in the region aspire to move towards a cooperative model and thereby reconciliation and harmony.

In the 21st century, peace through humanitarian effort has become the lingua franca of the international community. The major mission for the new generation is to embrace these larger goals.

The students concluded the conversation by singing together the timeless..
” We shall overcome…some day.”

Ms. Shilpa Asopa.

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