International Peace Day

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Our School observed International Peace day on 24 September 2018. The occasion is dedicated to world peace and specifically, the absence of war and violence.

The Pre Primary students coloured cutouts of Doves which are a universal symbol of peace. They also folded origami flowers to spread the message. The little ones sang “We shall overcome”.

Students of Primary drew and painted peace posters which they hung up in the corridors on the occasion. They videos on the meaning of peace. Choral singing by the Primary children comprised a song on peace by Jack Hartmann.

During a ‘ baat cheet’ session held as a circle time activity, the teachers and their students discussed the meaning of peace and what it entails. Senior students stood in formations on the play field, holding hands as a symbol of peace. The onlookers watched the impressive formations in awe.

Peace Day is marked every year at our School to sensitise students to the sufferings of war and bitterness and it’s everlasting impact on mankind. Peace can be a stronger weapon than war, is the message sought to be ingrained.
Ms. Sonia Nayar

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