Introduction to the Indian electoral process for class 4

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Children are our future citizens and will determine the face and future of our nation.

With this thought, the students of class IV of The Indian School were introduced to the concept of elections, the essence of democracy.

In the wake of the ongoing parliamentary elections, students engaged in several activities based on the voting process to familiarise which them with the key terms and features of the Indian electoral system.

With keen interest and enthusiasm, the students designed “vote-appeal” posters with illustrations, encouraging voters to exercise their right to vote. The ´Future Voter´ badges were also made by the students with a lot of conviction and faith in this democratic process.

The teachers held a discussion with students explaining the importance of exercising one’s franchise in a democracy. In order to recapitulate and reinforce election terminology the students prepared an “Election Vocabulary chart” on some of the frequently used terms and phrases during elections.

Overall the election activity evinced keen interest among all students, thereby encouraging each one of them to learn and understand their rights and duties as future citizens of India.

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